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1 October 2019

Live Review: Jazz for Europe

Jazz for Europe The Brunswick, Hove Thursday 29th August, 2019 Organised by percussionist and Jazzwise editor-in-chief Jon Newey together with Terry Seabrook and Julian Nicholas, this was an evening that brought together a diverse range of musicians from the jazz community, united in their desire for a united Europe. The house band of saxophonist Julian […]

1 June 2019

Words…Julian Nicholas

  My mum was pretty much on the run from my dad from the outset! This meant living in Totnes, Hastings and Battle (in a caravan, and then on a farm) before he eventually gained custody of me and brought me up as a single dad from 1970 onwards. We moved to Battersea, Chelsea, Kensington, […]

1 October 2018

Live Review: Peter Ind at 90 at The Verdict

Peter Ind at 90 The Verdict, Brighton Friday 14th September, 2018   “When I was younger, if I said ‘fuck’ it would be the end of the world. It no longer is, and I love saying it. Fuck!”   -Peter Ind   Peter Ind’s career began in 1949 when he travelled to America as a […]

1 November 2017

Live Review: Julian Nicholas Quintet at All Saints Church

Julian Nicholas Quintet Thursday 26th October, 2017 All Saint Church, Hove       For this final concert in the 2017 All Saints lunchtime recital series, multi-reedsman Julian Nicholas was joined by vocalist Imogen Ryall, pianist Mark Edwards, bassist Nigel Thomas and drummer Dave Trigwell. Not surprisingly, the group attracted the largest audience of the year. […]

1 August 2017

The Cloggz Interview

    The Cloggz were formed around five years ago, and grew out of the Jazz Charity Roar Ups that were hosted by pianist Mark Edwards at The Brunswick in Hove. “I just had this idea for this tango line up with the accordion, clarinet and violin for a while and then meeting Ben Sarfas (the […]

1 December 2016

‘Fight The Good Fight!’

Bobby Wellins  24 January 1936 – 27 October 2016           This is not intended as an obituary so much as a tribute, so please forgive the omission of any material you expected to see here.     I say this because what emerged yesterday at Bobby’s funeral in Chichester was an overwhelming sense that […]

1 January 2015

Julian Nicholas Interview

Julian Nicholas: saxophonist, composer, educator and now co-curator of the South Coast Jazz Festival. Meeting at The Verdict jazz club in Brighton, he talked to Charlie Anderson about the new festival and his views on the jazz scene in Brighton and the South Coast.   Julian began by talking about his early experiences of the […]

23 June 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas Diary of a Loose Tube part 2

Diary of a Loose Tube – second instalment       A few weeks ago I wrote ‘Diary of a Loose Tube’ in anticipation of our week of rehearsals, a residency at Ronnie’s and the launch gig at the Cheltenham Festival. Listening to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast of the Thursday night set in Soho made me […]

28 April 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas – Diary of a Loose Tube

    A few weeks ago I wrote a contemporary diary for SJM. It was difficult to compress the emotional import of the range of connections that are formed through the ongoing making of music. There is a particular form of bond made when musicians play together. None greater perhaps, for some of us, than was […]

17 March 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas – Country Diary of a Nobody

    With blue skies and frenetic feathered activity around the barn where I live on Hawthbush Farm, comes a sense of urgency and freshness following the sustained grey onslaught of wetness over the winter. It seems as though there may be a metaphorical spring in the UK jazz scene, too, with more festivals, gigs, and […]

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