1 May 2017

Live Review: Rick Simpson’s Klammer at The Verdict

Rick Simpson’s Klammer

The Verdict, Brighton

Friday 14th April 2017


    A mesmerising evening of highly original contemporary material from pianist Rick Simpson featured some outstanding performances from reedsman Mike Chillingworth and saxophonist-of-the-moment George Crowley.

    Simpson’s esoteric compositions were ideally suited to the wide range of timbres at his disposal, including Chillingworth’s bass clarinet and Ralph Wyld’s viraphone.

    If you missed this concert then I highly recommend Rick Simpson’s album Klammer on the excellent Two Rivers record label.


George Crowley, tenor sax; Mike Chillingworth, alto sax, bass clarinet; Ralph Wyld, vibraphone; Tom Farmer, bass, Dave Hamblett, drums.


Review by Charlie Anderson

Photo by Lisa Wormsley


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