12 May 2014

Live Review: Tina May at The Brunswick

Tina May sings Antonio Carlos Jobim

The Brunswick, Hove

Sunday 27th April, 2014


    Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote some of his biggest hits, such as Desafinado and The Girl From Ipanema more than half a century ago.  In the hands of master arranger Robin Blakeman his music still has a fresh sound.  So it was a pity that there was only a small, albeit appreciative, audience at The Brunswick to enjoy the singing of Tina May and the playing of the Luis Bonfá Society (no connection with 5/11).

    The one area needing improvement is that of organisation. The music began more than half an hour after the scheduled start time, resulting in those in the audience who had buses or trains to catch having to leave before the end.  There was a further delay during the performance when the running order required sorting.  In fairness, I should say that I have encountered this with other bands as well. 

    Despite these minor niggles, the evening was very enjoyable.  The sound was well balanced.  There was a feeling of communication between the performers and the audience.  Overall it was an experience worth repeating.  There are further shows planned, so please look out for them, especially if you are a lover of Latin Jazz played in a refreshing style.

Patrick Billingham

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